About Us

Kim Kalmanson and Randi Cohen

Our Approach

Kim Kalmanson and Randi Cohen

After successfully working an employment matter together—and having fun doing it—we said “Let’s do this again!”  Over the years, our clients have lovingly referred to us as “pitbulls in skirts” and “email assassins.”  Our adversaries have thanked us for being honest, credible brokers. We are experts at understanding the type of relationship work that goes into being excellent attorneys.  Employment and business disputes are about money, yes, but almost always they are really about relationships.

Practicing with a laser-like focus on client goals, we deliver top notch work without breaking the bank. With values that are aligned in work and in the world at large, we see the whole picture and take care of the whole person.  Come to us with a problem and we will find you a solution designed specifically for your priorities and goals.

Should our clients have a need that we personally cannot service, we have a curated roster of professionals who share our vision and are ready to join the team to get the job done.

It's Nice to Meet You

There are a lot of great lawyers. Very few feel like great friends.

Kim and Randi stepped in and guided me at a critical point in my life and career. They are compassionate, insightful and incredibly sharp. I would recommend them to anyone in need of effective, cogent representation. I am forever grateful to them for believing in me and my case and advocating tirelessly on my behalf.
– Hannah D