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Randi and Kim Kalmanson Cohen Employment Lawyers

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Randi and Kim Kalmanson Cohen Employment Lawyers

Kalmanson Cohen PLLC unofficially began in 2017, when Kim and Randi met at a networking lunch for women in law. We immediately bonded over sharing a no nonsense, client-centered approach to lawyering and recognized that our skill and style complemented each other perfectly.

Kalmanson Cohen PLLC is the culmination of years of strategic collaboration and dynamite results. We pride ourselves on being nimble, creative and bringing a sense of humor to every situation—thanks to our shared values, and juggling young children during a pandemic.

Kalmanson Cohen’s top referral sources are clients and fellow attorneys (including our adversaries)—there’s a reason for that. At our core, we know that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with integrity. No one wants to need a lawyer, but when they do, it should at least be a pleasant experience. With Kalmanson Cohen, that’s what you’ll get.

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Whether you need to make sure your company is operating in compliance with the law, an individual in transition, or someone embroiled in a heated dispute headed for litigation, we can help.